How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Tap

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How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Tap – The hissing noise from a leaking kitchen tap can be very bothersome, and it wastes water. Repairing a leaky kitchen faucet is a simple task. Before you begin the job, you can purchase repair parts that are generic, or you can wait until you open the faucet up to choose the precise part you need to find its replacement. Most single-handle kitchen faucets are capsule or ball. The repair process is similar for taps except you create repairs in both handles.

How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Tap
How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Tap


1. Switch the water off in the valve to the cold and hot. Turn on the tap to clean the lines, them shut the taps. Lay a towel throughout the drain to capture any components that may pop out as they are being removed by you.
2. Pull using a screwdriver blade. Frequently this piece “H” or “C” on it. Some taps have a screw underneath the cap Fasten with a setscrew. Use an Allen wrench to loosen that kind faucet. Once You eliminate the handle and twist, set them apart.
3. Remove or nut that holds the cartridge in place, utilizing an adjustable wrench or pliers. As you operate to not harm the surface of the faucet be careful.
4. The cartridge Directly out and from the faucet. Add the cartridge. Align the tabs on the face of the opening on the face of the cartridge together with all the tabs.
5. Place keeping nut or the clip back on the top of the cartridge. Put the faucet handle back in place and tighten the screw which holds all down it. Put the handle cover or cap back in place.
6. If it is a two-handled faucet, repeat for another handle. Turn water back at the valve.

Compression Valve

1. Access the valves by eliminating the handles using a screwdriver or Allen wrench.
2. Remove or clips. Pull out among those compression valves. Loosen and remove the screw washer and O-ring over the stem to separate it. Put and O-ring back on the stem and fasten the screw. Set back and set back the piece. Repeat with the valve.
3. Secure clips onto the top of or the nuts the valve. Reattach the handles or handle. Turn water back to the sink.

Ball Valve

1. Remove the kitchen faucet handle by loosening the setscrew holding it in position. You won’t have to remove the screw.
2. Remove retaining nut and the flexible clip with slip-joint pliers or an adjustable wrench.
3. Pull off packaging and the camera that maintain the ball valve set up. Pull the ball out and then scrutinize it. Replace it when it’s hurt.
4. Insert the tip of a screwdriver into one of springs and those rubber seats. Spring making sure moves and add a chair exactly the exact same way you removed. Repeat to spring and the other seat.
5. Place the ball back into position. Set and came back together with it. Fasten The nut and clip. Reattach the tap and twist the Setscrew using the Allen wrench. Turn water to the sink.


1. Chances are good that both sides of the faucet are equally worn, even though it may just be one manage that’s leaking. As you’re repairing one side, you might too correct the other.
2. When a compression valve leaks after you replace the washer and O-ring, eliminate the valve and again replace. The chair can be removed by you using an Allen wrench.
3. Wrap the teeth of the wrench or pliers with plastic tape to prevent scratching at the faucet.